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The Impact of Top Google Rankings

Our Medical Website Case Study

Medical Case Study Client: Affinity Health Clinic

Customer Highlight

This website case study is on Affinity Health Clinic located in New Hamburg, Ontario. Affinity Health Clinic's mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in body, mind, and spirit. ?Their medical and heath experts provide holistic healthcare, chiropractic services, as well as naturopathic services like acupuncture, botanical medicine, lifestyle counseling, skin health, and much more. Affinity also employees registered dietitians to help ensure you are equipped with practical strategies to achieve?your own unique nutritional goals.

Local Competition

In this sample medical case study, Affinity Health Clinic's primary industry is the natural path or naturopathic industry. Affinity Health Clinic also has a few additional competitors in varying industries because of the different services they offer. They are competing against chiropractors, as well as holistic or wellness centers. Fortunately for Affinity, New Hamburg does not have many major players in each respective industry. However, in the collective picture, Affinity faces a medium to high degree of competition. It is clear that Affinity Health Clinic would greatly benefit from some white hat SEO techniques to help them generate more traffic to grow its business.

medical case study

Client Opportunities

  • Business To Display in Google Maps (Google Local Search)
  • Business To Show On The First Page Of Google Search Results
  • Need Help With Creating And Editing Content For Specific Services
  • Redesign Website and Optimize Content
  • Website To Be "Sharable"

Our Approach

Website ReviewContent Marketing

Affinity Health Clinic's website was originally designed using a basic web design template with do-it-yourself software. The website greatly lacked content, relevant images, and colour. It was missing that professional look and feel you'd expect from a medical website. Furthermore, the lack of optimization was affecting their ranking on SERPs. This lead Digital Shift to completely redesign their website with fully optimized content, easier navigation and a deeper breakdown of services, creating a more professional feel. The website theme was also tweaked to give more of a holistic feel, while still utilizing the companies original colour scheme.

Local SEO Citation Building

Digital Shift also performed a local SEO audit to determine where Affinity Health Clinic could be improved. After certain areas of weakness had been discovered, Digital Shift identified the best local directories in New Hamburg, Ontario and submitted Affinity Health Clinic's information. Adding all these extra directories helped increase Affinity's online visibility in the local area, and allowed them to get their name and services in front of more customers in their target market. It also helped them rank much higher in Google, directing more organic traffic to their website.

?Keyword Research

Digital Shift analyzed and reviewed Affinity Health Clinic's content to check for keyword optimization. We found the original keywords were too competitive and not effective for search rankings. Additional research revealed that certain keywords had much higher search frequency with low competitiveness in the New Hamburg location. Digital Shift further analyzed the keywords and implemented them for Affinity.

Content Analysis

Affinity Health Clinic's original website greatly lacked content and a consistent, professional appearance. Digital Shift redesigned the website and made the home page cleaner and easier to navigate. Furthermore, images for each service were added to the homepage to make the content easier to digest. When customers click on a picture, it takes them to a separate page to further explain the specific service and how it can benefit them. The new website is much more engaging and will, in turn, reduce the number of customers who abandon the site after viewing only one page. A well thought out and optimized website has a positive impact and is critical for search engine rankings.?Digital Shift also optimized each web page as well as the text and images on each page, checking meta descriptions, alt tags and much more.

Mobile Optimization

Besides redesigning Affinity Health Clinic's website, Digital Shift also made sure the website was mobile responsive. This means the content and images on the website will readjust based on the size of the screen they're being accessed from. If accessed from a desktop, the content remains normal, but when the site is accessed from mobile devices, the margins automatically adjust accordingly. This means the site will load faster, be easier to explore, and also save Affinity time and money since they no longer have to design a separate web page for mobile users. Optimizing the website for mobile is absolutely vital. Statistical research has shown that more users are now accessing information on the internet via their mobile devices as opposed to desktop. If a website is not mobile compatible, then the company is missing a significant portion of their target market.

Schema Mark-Up

Important business information regarding location, business hours, and contact details were added to the website along with trust icons. This information is very important when Google is ranking websites.

A Local SEO Strategy Was Used For This Business Because:

  • Affinity Health Clinic competes in multiple industries in such a small geographic location
  • Upgrading their ranking in Google Maps and making the website mobile optimized?makes them more discoverable and easier to contact on the go
  • Web design helps educate and engage prospective customers performing their information search


  • Keyword Analysis and on-page SEO
  • Redesign Website to be more engaging and mobile responsive
  • Local SEO

Search Engine Ranking Results

Digital Shift Delivered Results That Exceeded Expectations!

Top Ranking In Google Maps For "Naturopathic New Hamburg."

??website case study

Top Ranking In Google Maps For "New Hamburg Naturopathic."

website case study

Top Two Ranking In Google Maps For "New Hamburg?Acupuncture."

medical case study

Top Ranking For "New Hamburg Holistic Care."

medical case study

Top Ranking For "Holistic Care New Hamburg."

seo case study

Results For Affinity Health Clinic

As the screenshots from the website case study show, search engine ranking was positively affected. Affinity Health Clinic is now in the top rankings, for ten high search frequency keywords. Digital Shift also used additional keyword variations (singular and plural), as well as different phrase combinations (alternating location and service position) and top rankings were still achieved. For the sake of keeping this website case study concise, not all the screenshots were provided.

By helping Affinity Health Clinic not only appear on the first page but consistently ranking in the top two search results, web page traffic increased significantly. Furthermore, any top positions generated equate to being above the fold on most search devices. Anytime a web page is above the fold, their opportunity for clickthrough rates skyrockets.

Higher click-through rates alone are not enough to generate business and most importantly, convert customers. This is why the website redesign was so crucial. Before consulting with Digital Shift, website customers would visit Affinity Health Clinic's page, take a quick look around, and then bounce back to Google in search of another page. Now, after working with Digital Shift, customers spend much more time on Affinity's website, visiting different pages, and becoming more engaged. This higher engagement rate online has also lead to a higher conversion rate regarding inquiries. In this medical case study, the more navigable, redesigned website, has clearly assisted with lead generation for Affinity Health Clinic.

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